September 6, 2011

It is your choice

I know some people feel as if juicing is being pushed on everyone & it is wrong if they don't do it. That statement itself is wrong. The reason people might feel that way is because the ones who are juicing just feel amazing & want to share this wonderful adventure.  Juice fasting is not for everyone nor should people feel pressured to do it. Individuals who take the steps to juice fast are doing it for health reasons not to make others feel bad. It is a journey for the individual taking the steps & in most cases that individual needs support. Sharing information & talking about it to others is just a way of getting feed back. 

I do believe juicing should be an essential part of everyones day just for the mere health reasons. Eating vegetables & fruits are good for you of course! Juicing them though actually helps because it takes the fiber out of the produce so that when your body goes to break it down, it gets purely nutrients. Don't get me wrong fiber is also very important in a healthy lifestyle but it blocks the body from extracting all the nutrients possible. This is important because the body can function so much better when it gets a truckload of nutrients. It can even heal parts of your body that were not able to heal correctly due to the body having to focus on getting all the toxins out instead. To read more about the health benefits here is a great link.

I just love the point that eating more natural foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, & fresh meat is how we were meant to eat & what God gave us. Why waste our time eating foods that are so processed they only have around 10% of the original nutrients? All that food is doing is running the course through our body & making the body work harder by trying to get it out. Yet some of it clings to our hips & stomachs because our body can't efficiently remove it. 

And it is not just food that we should go back to the basics with! Our society & culture has flipped so many things around and we are just standing back and watching it happen...It's time to say enough is enough & get our lives back on track. Meaning- living to the potential God planned for us & not making excuses anymore. (I am definitely speaking to myself as well)

Just something to think about.

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