September 2, 2011

No Juicer :(

So we went to get my juicer last night and they were out! Very disappointed. This isn't going to stop me though. I researched & decided to make green smoothies & eat raw vegetables until my juicer gets here! It sounds like green smoothies can have a really good detox effect as well.  Check it out! And I forgot to mention that on Mondays & Tuesdays I will be eating solid vegetables & fruit due to me working out of town & I can't lug my juicer around.

I think I will have harder time drinking these due to the thickness of smoothies vs. juicing but I will have to fight through it! I won't be just drinking smoothies though. I will have raw vegetables & fruits & very, very little lean meat, in preparation for fasting. This is recommended so your body does have such a shock when you are only drinking juice.

This morning I am starting out with a fruit mixture & I will add in the vegetables later on.

Breakfast:  Frozen Strawberries
                  Frozen Peaches
                  Almond Milk


Lunch:     2 green apples
                1 pear
                2 cups baby spinach

Texture- Applesauce
Color- Light green
Flavor- Cinnamon applesauce w/ a hint of green! Good!
Lunch tasted good, but it was so hard to eat. I am a big texture person & eating a whole, huge glass of applesauce was not easy!!

Afternoon snack: 
Roasted broccoli--olive oil, sea salt & pepper. About 1 cup. That was definitely needed to fill the gab!

Another snack: 
 Protein Shake: 1 cup Frozen strawberries, 4tbsp protein powder, 1 tsp vanilla, 1 cup almond milk, 1 cup ice, 1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder, & 1tbsp honey. Yummy!!! Just what I needed!

 Homemade Vegetable broth & sweet corn. ( Had to have the sweet corn! My parents & Siblings bagged it for us!)

Evening Snack: 
Half of a sweet potato

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