September 9, 2011

Tan Man

Yup, it's another new juice. This one is my least favorite so far but it still tastes pretty good!

10 carrots
3 green apples
1/2 beet
1 cucumber
1/2 cup black grapes

Definitely a carrot taste and that's why I chose the name haha. I have heard that if you drink a lot of carrot juice your skin will have an orange tint. I'm not trying to get an orange tint haha, but I thought it was a cute name.

So far so good. I am really enjoying juicing, this would be my 2nd official day. (the other days I still had a bite here or there of other things) It is crazy to me that I am not craving bad food. I can't believe it has changed my thinking so fast. Some people might think I am lying but truly the only thing I crave is the chewing & substance part. I am not craving sweets or unhealthy food. I do crave eating whole vegetables & fruits. I love it.

1 comment:

  1. So true! I was craving brownies when I fasted, but mostly it was healthy things..a salad, or homemade whole grain bread with honey jam...banana ice cream or something like that...