September 3, 2011

Today wasn't so bad. I felt like a was eating all day because I had so many small meals, but I feel good. Not much to write today, I am working and at this job I get really bored, so my mind is a little shot when I just around. So short and sweet, here is what my menu looked like.

1. Protein Shake
2. Strawberry smoothie
3. Half a sweet potato
4. 1 cup Homemade Vegetable broth (with vegetables left in)
5. Salad w/ croutons, little shredded cheese & olive garden vinaigrette (needed to finish croutons & cheese before they went bad)
6.  1 cup Homemade Vegetable broth (with vegetables left in)
7.  Cantaloupe Strawberry smoothie

Not very much substance today but I am stuck at work & only have so many supplies with me.

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