February 12, 2012

Making my "Temple" Whole

    Well, it has been a long time since my last post, but I have still been working on my health. These past couple months have been a roller-coaster. I have been trying to eat healthy & exercise but with absolutely no results. I did a spiritual fast in January that also included only eating fruits and vegetables. I didn't look at my scale all month so I would focus on the real reason for the fast. Of course, at the beginning of Feb I checked. 2 lbs. What!? Only fruits & vegetables for a month & only 2 lbs. Ugh. I do everything by the book. Eat every couple of hours, staying on a non-processed diet, exercising, keeping my stress down, & many many more. After this I felt defeated and lost a lot of hope. So of course I went through a couple of days where my body got abused with very processed crap.
    I talked with my husband and we decided to do some blood work. This gave me a little hope again. I figured he would find something & boom- it would be fixed. Well, nope. Guess what, I'm healthy. Ugh. There are a few small deficiencies that I have that could definitely cause weight gain or block weight loss. But I was hoping for a direct--here this is what is wrong. Instead I got, well this is low & this is low, so you can take some supplements and it Could help. So that's my next step. I just pray that is the problem. Being 30lbs over my healthy weight is taking massive toll on my emotions. Thank goodness I have our father God to help me stay up beat & joyful.  But of course that only happens when I am able to give the problem to him which doesn't always work.


  1. I'm sorry Katie. :( That's so frustrating. After our miscarriage in August, I had gained 10 lbs and could NOT get rid of it. Have you had your hormone levels checked?

    1. And I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage.

  2. No I started with the blood work and toxins check, so I'll see if these things help. Yah I took birth control for about 1yr and it messed a lot of things up and ever since I can't get back to my normal weight. Thanks for commenting :)