April 28, 2012

Juice/ Protein Shake Fast

One of my dear friends asked me if I would like to do a juice fast again and of course I am jumping at the chance to do it with someone. I am so excited to do it again. I love the way the cleansing process feels. (Read previous posts for some information or go to http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com/) This fast is going to be a little different because I am training for the Warrior Dash!!

I am going to do it for 1 week- Starting May 1st.

Juice Fast Guidelines:

Tons & Tons of water
I can drink as much Juice as I want
Limit of 2 protein shakes a day
Roasted kale, broccoli OR sweet potatoes only one serving per day.
Very small Salad w/ no dressing
Spanakopita (Trader Joe's)

I am going to do some solid food due to training & work. I can not be shaking at my job, so this will definitely help.

I will post often & update recipes & my progress.

The point of this "fast" is to jump start my body again. Not to lose weight but to give my body a chance to balance again. I can not wait to start! I always feel so much better when I fast! Good luck to anyone who wants to try! I am always here for questions!


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